A cardiac diet also known as a heart healthy diet is a diet focus on reducing sodium, fat and cholesterol intake. The diet is recommended for people with cardiovascular disease or people looking for a healthier diet.
Alcohol Limited
Bread Bakery products with a high fat and salt content are prohibited; whole grain flour is preferred
Fish Canned food and salted fish are prohibited
Meat and poultry Poultry and lean meats without skin are allowed; canned food, bacon, bacon and other smoked meats are prohibited
Milk Low fat dairy products are allowed
Oil and butter Vegetable oils (rapeseed, corn, olive, safflower), low-fat mayonnaise, soft margarine are allowed. Tropical oils (coconut, palm and palm kernel), hard margarine, butter are limited.
Sauces Creamy, cheese, sweet sauces are limited
Soft drinks Unsweetened drinks allowed
Sweets Only low-fat sweets are allowed
Vegetables Canned food is prohibited
Examples of dishes